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     Goblinopolis is a comedic fantasy roleplaying game built using RPGMaker-MV. It's a more casual game that seeks to entertain through satire and dark humor while trying to subvert normal RPG tropes. The player takes on the role of a female goblin protagonist named Raaka, this year's manager for the annual Goblinopolis festival.


     Raaka gets a rude awakening on the morning before the festivities when she learns none of her neighbors have finished their preparations! In this city, poaching endangered humans, laying down some sick beats with musically attuned crystals, or high stakes rocks paper scissors matches to the death are all commonplace. Thus unfolds a glimpse into the daily lives and values of fantasy's most famous minions. I worked as a design lead, 2-D artist, code developer, and playtest organizer. 

    Featured at PAX East 2019 at the Northeastern booth!

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