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 Micro-Pharma is an asymmetrical two player game created to be played split-screen on a single computer. The player on the 3-dimensional right side of the screen controls a sick person frantically searching their drawers for medicine to combat their illness. The player on the 2-dimensional left side of the screen controls a white blood cell eating the many different kinds of germs attacking the sick player's body.


     Each of the different germ types is color coded (red, blue, and green) and tied to medicine of the corresponding color in the right-side player's cabinet. Taking a pill spawns a powerup on the blood cell's screen, which allows it to devour the corresponding germs and clear the screen. Player communication is very important in this fast-paced game as the white blood cell needs to communicate to the person what medicine is needed at each moment. 


Micro-Pharma was built during Global Game Jam 2020 in under 48 hours.

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