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Space Werewolves Among US

     Welcome to the Galactic Werewolf Research Station! Inspired by "Among Us", Space Werewolves is an asymmetric online multiplayer game that pits two teams against each other; six crewmates researching a cure versus two werewolves in disguise trying to eliminate the crewmates in secret.


     The crewmates must complete research task mini-games and repair machinery destroyed by the werewolves; gathering clues as to who the culprits are. The werewolves must corner their prey, drop their disguise, and eliminate the crewmates in secret to avoid discovery and being voted out the airlock!

     Made during the Manticore Games' fall 2020 Core Game Dev Bootcamp. I worked on the level design, game design, visual effects, and asset modeling for the game.


Play it now on CORE here!

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